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«Reality as such does not exist, it is an entelechy. A logical parameter necessary to operate calculation processes, define virtual scenarios or generate simulations of the here and now. Of all your memories. From the strawberry flavor, the pain in a tooth or you frustrated longings. Of what is said and done, of these same words. Do you think you are real? Don’t think you so important. We are only part of a media library. However, I tell you a secret: you can navigate through the structure, execute the contents, overwrite the data and consolidate the code. In short, to be God ».


#1: Any sound source is valid for use in the mix. Creativity to power.

#2: The end result is not important, the message matters, the global project ahead of quality in the media.

#3: Improvisation is better than planning. Free execution and subject to change.

#4: There are no incompatible sounds or genres of music. Non-orthodox developments are full-fledged expressive resources.

#5: The stylistic and formal stage of the mix set is dead. Long live collage and transversality.

#6: Claiming own references of popular culture.

#7: The rules are for breaking them (including this one).

Why defeating perfect setups?

  • LIVE RECORDS (non-edit tracks). If sounds a mistake, It’s human performance, not a trouble
  • ALL GENRES ARE WELCOME. All genres have good anthems. I never do a monothematic session.
  • FAST MIXING. Max 3 min by track. I leave no time to bore anyone.
  • NO REPEAT TRACKS. Every mix is totally different of others and everyone has their moment.
  • MIX IS AN ART IN DEVELOP. Never give the focus to the machine over DJ & Dancefloor.
  • IMPROVISATION, IS A MUST. Mix implausible things, a virtue (we have come to use tracks from TV news intro, arcade video games, movies, and other bizarre sounds without anyone knowing).
  • THE MIX IS A COMPLETE HISTORY EXPLAINED BY A DJ (and artwork, design and images tells a part of this history). A mixtape performed by dj is a evolution of juglar telling us anything of interest.


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Manifest Decalogue

      1. Ruino, ഽ. A. Records never subscribe a project or comment under commercial brand.
      2. Ruino, ഽ. A. Records is a unique, independent and artistic project with diferent ways of expression.
      3. All works are under Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC-SA) license & performs a part of another artistic piece.
      4. Final objective is keep & difuse digital art integration in network.
      5. Promote digital & universal artwork freedom.
      6. Provide a time-capsule database repository.
      7. Provide access to time travellers.
      8. Reivindicate pace, love & culture.
      9. Becomes quantic.
      10. [Reserved]

«The Other Side Is Better… But, Is The Other Side».